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Refractive Surgery Options at Swagel Wootton

We are so excited that you have chosen Swagel Wootton as your Refractive Surgery eyecare provider. We can’t wait to see you! You’re already halfway through your journey and we want to make this next step as simple as possible.

Preparing for your appointment is easy!

  • What to Bring

    Please be sure to bring your Driver’s License or State ID and insurance cards to your appointment.

  • Being Dilated

    During the medical eye evaluation, you will be dilated to allow for thorough testing. Dilation can cause sensitivity to light for several hours after your exam. Most patients are able to drive after dilation.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Out-of-pocket costs for refractive surgery can be found here. During your consultation, you and your counselor will review costs, as well as financing and payment options. We offer financing and payment plans and you can also use FSA and HSA funds.

What about my contacts?

We do ask that you be out of contacts for for at least 7 days prior to your consultation to allow for more accurate testing. You will also be required to be out of contacts for at least one week prior to surgery.

If you wear hard contacts, you will need to be out of them for 2 weeks prior to your consultation.

What will happen during my appointment?

  • The first step of your consultation is the medical eye exam. Our team of eye care experts will guide you through a comprehensive, dilated eye exam. We’ll conduct advanced testing, including corneal mapping, and you’ll meet with one of our doctors to determine which vision correction procedure will be best for you and your eye health.
  • After determining which vision correction procedure(s) fit your vision and eye health needs, you’ll sit down with one of our expert vision correction counselors to talk about your vision goals and discuss costs and financing.
  • Once you’ve gotten any and all of your questions answered, it’s time to schedule your surgery and starting looking forward to life without lenses!



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Ultimately, the cost of refractive vision correction depends on the type of surgery you select. At Swagel Wootton, that cost can range from $2,500/eye to $6,800/eye. Swagel Wootton’s team of highly-skilled surgeons uses the latest technology to ensure your safety, comfort, and results.

The team at Swagel Wootton is committed to helping everyone achieve the vision they deserve. To do that, we offer financing options  through CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit (subject to credit approval). We also accepts HSAs and FSAs. You can learn more about our payment plans and options here.

Learn More About Packages + Pricing

Preparing for Surgery

Once you’ve scheduled surgery it’s time to start planning all the things you’ll be able to do without having to worry about glasses or contacts!

Depending on your surgical choice, you’ll have pre-surgery instructions and eye drop schedules to follow. Make sure you read all of your paperwork ahead of time and follow those drop schedules, they’re crucial for a successful surgery day.

Preparing for Recovery

Recovery times are dependent on the type of vision correction procedure you’ve chosen (time will vary):

  • LASIK recovery is about 1-2 days
  • PRK recovery is about 1 week, with more gradual vision improvement
  • ICL recovery is about 2-3 days
  • RLE recovery is about 2-3 days

Keep in mind that recovery is different for every patient and your doctor will share more detailed information about recovery times for each vision correction option.

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