Making Cataract Surgery Affordable

You may be wondering about the cost of cataract eye surgery. Learn more about Medicare coverage, factors impacting the out-of-pocket cost of cataract treatment and different methods of payment available at Swagel Wootton Eye Institute in Mesa and Chandler, AZ.

There are three main factors that impact cataract surgery costs and what your insurance company covers, as follows:

  • Timing: When you elect to undergo cataract surgery, your insurer considers the status of your cataracts. If you choose to have the surgery before cataracts have “ripened” or fully developed, check with your insurance company to make sure they will cover it. Find out if your policy covers the cost of the procedure any time or just when cataracts interfere with your ability to work or perform daily tasks.
  • Type of Lens: Insurance coverage and the cataract surgery cost depends on the type of intraocular lens implanted during the surgical procedure. If you choose standard cataract surgery with monofocal IOL, many policies pay the full cost. While insurance typically covers the cost of basic cataract surgery and standard IOL, advanced surgical techniques have out-of-pocket expenses. Laser cataract surgery or toric IOL (a premium lens) for astigmatism may have additional costs. Some companies do not pay for premium lenses that correct astigmatism and vision at various distances. Premium IOL are considered unnecessary from a medical standpoint, though they may significantly improve your lifestyle. Multifocal lenses and presbyopia-correcting IOL also may have extra costs.
  • Technique: Insurance companies don’t typically cover advanced cataract surgery techniques like computer-assisted and laser cataract surgery. These procedures require less recovery time but cost more than traditional cataract surgery performed with a scalpel. Make an informed decision about what eye surgery will best accomplish your vision goals. We are willing to work with you using a number of payment methods.
Elderly couple on their laptop reading about cataract surgery and the cost of cataract surgery Older couple on laptop reading about the cost of cataract surgery

In most situations, Medicare pays for cataract lens implants regardless of the type of surgery, conventional or laser cataract surgery. However, you should check your plan coverage or call your insurer to find out if that applies to your specific case. If your policy covers both types, then you only have to worry about the co-pay when you come in for cataract removal and the installation of an IOL.

Come to Swagel Wootton Eye Institute for an initial cataract evaluation of your cataracts with a cataract surgeon. Our team can help you figure out what your insurance covers and whether you’re eligible for our 0% financing for up to two years. Take care of your cataracts and space your payments over two years with no down payment and affordable monthly installments. Our cataract surgeons in Arizona and the whole team at our Mesa or Chandler offices are here to help you find a way to clear vision.

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