Visian Implantable Collamer Lenses

Not a good candidate for LASIK? That’s okay! There are several vision correction alternatives available, including Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL). An ICL is a thin, clear lens that gets surgically implanted into the eye during a Visian ICL™ procedure. Once implanted, the ICL works in tandem with your natural lens to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Your cornea is left untouched throughout this process, making Visian ICL™ surgery a great option for patients who suffer from chronically dry eyes or thin or abnormally shaped corneas.

Like LASIK, Visian ICL™ surgery is a straightforward, 15-minute procedure that delivers a host of benefits, including:

  • Sharp, clear vision
  • Excellent night vision
  • Quick results
  • UV protection
  • Dry eye prevention
  • Removability, allowing patients to keep pace with technological developments

Visian ICL™ is a safe, effective alternative to LASIK. In fact, the results of a three-year Visian ICL™ FDA trial showed:

  • A 99 percent rate of patient satisfaction
  • 98.3 percent patients being able to drive without corrective lenses after their procedure
  • Patients’ corrected vision remaining stable over the post-operative follow-up appointment period

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