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Diabetic Retinopathy: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Regular eye exams and timely treatment are the keys to controlling diabetic retinopathy and preventing vision loss. Diabetes affects approximately 30 million Americans, 80-85% of whom will develop some degree of diabetic retinopathy in their lifetimes. Retinopathy is damage to the blood vessels of the retina — the light-sensitive, nerve-rich tissue at the back of… Read More

Doctors Agree: Don’t Overwear Your Contact Lenses

Wearing your contact lenses for longer may seem like a good way to budget money or time, but it can have a serious impact on your health. For millions of Americans, contact lenses are an easy way to improve vision without the hassle of bulky glasses. While contact lenses offer wearers a range of benefits… Read More

The Dangers of Sleeping with Contact Lenses

Eye doctors and the CDC agree — don’t fall asleep in your contact lenses, even for naps (if you can help it). If you are one of the 45 million Americans who wear contact lenses, it’s likely that you’ve fallen asleep in them at some point. Whether for a short afternoon nap or a full… Read More

Guidelines for Computer Use after LASIK Surgery

When it comes to using computers after LASIK surgery, a few minor precautions can go a long way toward ensuring you get the best results. One of the best things about LASIK laser eye surgery is the rapid recovery time. Unlike procedures that occur in hospital operating rooms and require substantial anesthesia, LASIK operations are… Read More