Recovery Time After Vision Correction Surgery: Compare Your Options

May 29th, 2021

If you want to give up your glasses or contacts, it’s time to learn about your options for vision correction procedures. Undergoing LASIK surgery, PRK, or Visian ICL™ can give you the freedom you crave and simplify your daily routine. When looking at which option would best suit your lifestyle, consider the recovery time for each procedure.

At Swagel Wootton Eye Institute, we make sure that you understand each procedure fully and discuss all your options. Our eye care specialists in Mesa and Chandler can help you determine your eligibility for each of these procedures.

Comparing LASIK, PRK, and Visian ICL Recovery

We want to give you an idea of the average recovery time for each procedure. However, it’s important to remember that your experience may differ from the norm. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions to help you optimize the recovery process and to give your eyes the best chance of a fast recovery

1. LASIK Recovery

LASIK laser vision correction surgery improves vision by ablating the cornea. Immediately after surgery, you may experience some discomfort, mild pain, and blurry vision. Although some people feel well enough to return to work in a day or two, we recommend that you take several days off of work after LASIK. Your LASIK surgeon will advise you to avoid certain activities, such as strenuous exercise or swimming, for several weeks after your procedure. Learn more about LASIK recovery.

2. Visian ICL Recovery

Visian ICL Implantable Collamer® Lens is an innovative vision correction procedure that involves implanting an artificial lens in the eye through a tiny opening in the cornea. Visian ICL can improve the following conditions:

  • Mild to severe nearsightedness (prescription between –3D and –20D for myopia)
  • Astigmatism (within a range of 1.0D and 4.0D)

If you are not a good candidate for LASIK due to thin corneas, high correction prescriptions, or dry eye concerns, this procedure may work for you.

Most patients resume regular activities within days after the procedure. Patients love that there is minimal downtime needed. Unlike LASIK or PRK, Visian ICL can be removed, if needed. Learn more about the Visian ICL performed by the eye experts at Swagel Wootton Eye institute.

3. PRK Recovery

Photo-Refractive Keratectomy or PRK is a traditional LASIK alternative for patients who cannot have LASIK due to thin corneas. Like LASIK, vision improvement is achieved by permanently reshaping the cornea. Instead of creating a flap in the cornea, PRK removes the outermost layer of the cornea. Patients wear a bandage contact lens to protect the eye for 3-5 days. During this time, the tissue grows back, and you may experience some discomfort. Your doctor will prescribe special eye drops that can ease your symptoms for up to a month after surgery.

Find Your Visual Freedom

Take the first step to better vision by learning more about your options. Setting up a consultation with eye care specialists in Mesa and Chandler can help you choose the right vision correction procedure for you. Although some procedures have longer recovery times than others, that isn’t the only consideration. Contact Swagel Wootton Eye Institute in Arizona to schedule a consultation today.