Life After LASIK Surgery: What to Expect in Recovery

October 26th, 2020
woman putting eye drops in

Most people who put off LASIK surgery balk at the high price tag. However, over time LASIK pays for itself and may even save you money. You no longer have to pay for contact lenses or new eyeglasses. There are also many other benefits to being able to see clearly without corrective eyewear. If you have questions about LASIK surgery, contact Swagel Wootton Eye Institute to schedule a consultation with our eye doctors in Mesa and Chandler.

In the meantime, here’s what you can expect during LASIK recovery.

When Will You Notice a Difference in Vision?

Following LASIK surgery, many patients already see a big improvement before they leave the office.

Are There Any Side Effects of LASIK Surgery?

You may experience eye sensitivity, mild burning, itchiness, and sensitivity to light for the first few hours after the procedure. Some patients say this is similar to getting something caught beneath your contacts. It’s irritating but not painful. You can use over the counter medication to counteract any discomfort. Take a nap when you go home, and you’ll probably wake up feeling better.

Take It Easy for a Few Days

You can return to work the day after LASIK surgery unless otherwise directed by our eye doctors in Mesa and Chandler. However, you should avoid exercise and strenuous activity for at least a week. These activities can slow the healing process significantly. Follow all instructions provided very closely to ensure proper healing during LASIK recovery.

When Can You Drive After LASIK?

There’s no hard and fast rule on this. Some patients drive the same day they get LASIK. However, plan to have a ride home and refrain from driving until your vision clears. As long as you don’t have any problems seeing, you should be able to drive.

Can You Take a Shower During LASIK Recovery?

It’s fine to take a shower while recovering from LASIK. however, it’s very important to avoid getting soap or water into your eyes. In fact, it’s extremely important to avoid rubbing your eyes for about a month following your surgery. This can slow healing and damage your eye.

Check Up Visits

Before your surgery, we will schedule a series of follow-up visits one day, one week and one month after the procedure. You may need additional check-ups if there are any complications. Some patients also come back three months and six months after the surgery to make sure that everything has healed appropriately.

What Is Life Like After Surgery?

Before you undergo LASIK surgery, you probably wake up to blurry vision. After fumbling your way to the bathroom to pop in your contacts or sliding on your eyeglasses, you can probably see normally.

Now, imagine waking up to crisp vision without the hassle of contacts or eyeglasses. You can jump out of bed ready to go for the day. You may also have fewer visits to the eye doctor due to changing prescriptions. If you love to run or participate in other sports, you don’t have to worry about your contacts falling out or damaging your eyeglasses.

Contact Swagel Wootton Eye Institute today to schedule a consultation with our highly qualified eye doctors in Mesa and Chandler. We can answer your questions after LASIK surgery and recovery.