Hereditary Eye Problems and What to Do About Them

September 30th, 2020

At Swagel Wootton Eye Institute, we have the best eye doctors in the greater Phoenix area. Our team educates clients on their vision conditions, including hereditary eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma. Learn more about common eye conditions influenced by genetics. If you have any of the following conditions, don’t hold off on treatment. Your eye health is important, even with the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic.


Glaucoma is one of a group of eye diseases that damages the optic nerve connecting your eyes and brain. In addition to losing your peripheral vision, you may also experience excessive tearing, bulging eyes and sensitivity to light.

Although it has hereditary properties, glaucoma usually impacts older adults. When glaucoma occurs in adults below age 40, is primarily due to heredity. Diabetes and other factors contribute to glaucoma development in older adults.

Make an appointment at Swagel Wootton Eye Institute for glaucoma treatment.

Congenital Cataracts

Cataracts cause the lenses of your eyes to become opaque. This can result in clouded or foggy vision. Congenital cataracts developed during early childhood. Based on heredity, congenital cataracts can affect both your eyes. Make an appointment with our surgeons to discuss your options for cataract eye surgery and treatment.

Cataract surgery takes just 10-15 minutes per eye, but it can restore, and in some cases, improve your vision. We offer traditional and laser-assisted cataract surgery. Discuss the best option for you with your eye doctor.

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa or RP is a group of eye diseases that cause progressive loss of vision. RP targets the retina, a light-sensitive area at the back of your eye. If you have this disease, you experience a loss of retinal tissue that eventually causes blindness.

Early symptoms include loss of night vision during childhood. As the disease progresses, blind spots mar your field of vision, leading to a loss of peripheral vision. It can take decades for RP to impact your central field of vision. This makes it possible for you to drive and recognize faces. However, many people end up legally blind as a result of this disorder.

Juvenile Macular Degeneration

Juvenile macular degeneration is another hereditary eye disease. JMD targets children and young adults. Children who inherit this condition slowly lose their vision. The major diseases in this family are:

  • Stargardt’s disease
  • Best Disease
  • Juvenile Retinoschisis

These eye conditions are passed down through families, so you may already be aware of the condition that could impact you or your children.

Best Eye Doctors in Phoenix

There are other forms of genetic eye disorders. If you feel that you or your children are susceptible to a particular condition, come in for a consultation with our team.

We have instituted precautions to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus and keep our patients safe. Your vision is an important part of your overall health. Set up an appointment for an eye exam at our Mesa and Chandler locations if you notice a deterioration in your vision for any reason.