What To Expect After LASIK Surgery (Besides Great Vision)

January 24th, 2018
senior man recovering and sleeping in hospital bed

How LASIK Surgery can help you save time and make life easier.

The proper ways to care for newly corrected eyes during the LASIK recovery process.

What can you expect after LASIK?

First of all, a little bit more free time in the morning than you’re used to. Typically patients spend 15 to 20 minutes just putting in their contacts. Then they do it again the next day, and the day after, and the day after that too. That adds up to a minimum of 5475 minutes or over 91 hours annually. That’s over 3.5 days a year spent only on putting in contact lenses!

But more free time, that’s just one of the many things we want to share with you about the hours, days, weeks, and years to come after LASIK surgery.

Immediately After:

Immediately after your procedure, you may be able to see immediate improvement in your vision. For example, the clock across the room will be much clearer and easier to read. Yes, it will still seem a tad blurry or cloudy, but your new vision will continue to improve throughout the afternoon and even more so into the next few days.

One important thing to arrange for your surgery day is a ride home. You will NOT be able to drive following your procedure so you will want to have a friend or family member accompany you on your LASIK surgery day. No worries though, this appointment is pretty short in comparison to your consultation. In fact, the majority of your time in our office that day will be spent waiting for the relaxation medication to set in. The actual procedure usually takes just minutes to complete.

30 Minutes After:

During your procedure, you should not feel any pain, but rather a sensation of pressure. However, after your LASIK procedure, you may experience a slight itching sensation like there is something in your eye. This is normal!

One of the reasons we encourage patients to go home to nap following their procedure is to sleep through this “itchy” phase. Your LASIK recovery process will be faster (and the time to clear vision will fly by) with a nice nap.

The Next Day:

The day after LASIK surgery is often a life-changing day for patients. It is the day where you can hop out of bed and not reach for your glasses on the nightstand. Not rush to the bathroom to get your contacts in. You can enjoy a few more minutes to yourself before work. Yes, most people can return to work the very next day after LASIK. The LASIK recovery process generally does not affect patients day-to-day lives within 24 hours of the procedure!

The day after LASIK is also an important day for your healing process. We will have you come in for a 1-day post-op appointment where we will ensure your eyes are healing excellently and will go through a few tests to see the improvement in your vision from the previous day.

The Week After:

When we send you home after your procedure, not only will you go home with better vision, you will go home with these nifty protective sunglasses or eye shields. You will wear these when you sleep for the first week after your procedure to ensure your eyes aren’t unintentionally rubbed. Remember, safety is key!

For Years to Come:

The one thing we love telling patients about when they ask about what to expect after LASIK is all of the activities they can do with more ease, now that their vision is sharper, clearer and more accurate.

Trouble following your ball on the golf course? Now clear to the pin.

Can’t see the exit signs on the freeway until it’s too late? Now you make your exit.

Snorkeling trips aren’t THAT cool because it’s all a bit blurry? Now you can see the vivid colors.

We encourage you to come visit us at either our Chandler or Mesa location to get all of your LASIK recovery questions answered!

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