Effects of Sun, Dust, and Dry Air on Your Eyes

August 31st, 2020

The environment around you can have a big impact on your eyes. Sun, dust and dry air contribute to an array of vision challenges. If you develop any of the conditions below, make an appointment for an eye exam with our optometrists in Mesa and Chandler.

What Is the Effect of Dry Air on Eyes?

When you expose your eyes to dry air, the tear film that forms a protective barrier on the surface of the cornea may evaporate too quickly. This barrier supplies oxygen and protects the eye from contaminants. When the tear film dries up, your eyes may become sore and develop a burning sensation. Adding artificial tears can alleviate the problem temporarily. If you continue to experience dry eyes, make an appointment with the best eye doctors in Arizona at Swagel Wotton Eye Institute for the treatment options that suits your needs.

What Happens When Sand Gets in Your Eyes?

When sand and dust get into your eyes, you should flush it out right away. The debris can leave behind a feeling of itchiness and blurred vision. These symptoms may indicate a corneal abrasion.
Our optometrists in Mesa and Chandler will examine the cornea (white part of your eye) to make sure you don’t have a serious injury. Typically, we place topical antibiotic drops in your eyes to curtail infections. You may also be prescribed a pain medication if the scratch is painful.

What Happens if the Sun Damages Your Eyes?

UV Radiation sometimes triggers cataracts, and sunlight reflected off water may cause conjunctivitis and keratitis. Conjunctivitis or pink eye causes severe itching and a gritty feeling. Keratitis describes various corneal infections and inflammations that can impact your vision if you don’t treat them quickly. Prevention techniques include the following:

  • Avoid looking directly towards the sun
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Try not to touch your face or eyes

Make an appointment or come in for emergency care if you develop either of these conditions.

What Are Pterygium Treatment and Removal?

A pterygium or surfer’s eye is pink tissue that grows on the tissue lining of your eyelid. It may become uncomfortable and interfere with your vision. Causes include UV exposure, dry eyes and dust or wind. Schedule an appointment with us to have the growth removed for cosmetic or health reasons. Pterygium treatment and removal is a quick procedure. Typically, your eye doctor can remove it in a few minutes using a local anesthetic.

Swagel Wootton Eye Institute

Contact Swagel Wootton Eye Institute to schedule an eye exam with our optometrists in Mesa and Chandler. If you have recently had a lot of exposure to sunlight, dust or dry eye, let our doctors know right away. If you develop cataracts, we can also perform cataract eye surgery or offer you the best alternative to improve your vision.