10 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor about LASIK

February 16th, 2021

At Swagel Wootton Eye Institute, we specialize in cataract and LASIK eye surgery in Arizona. Patients often have a lot of questions when it comes to the procedure and what results they should expect. We have put together ten questions to ask your doctor, as well as the answers provided by our eye care specialists in Mesa and Chandler. Remember that each case is unique, so you should discuss these questions and any concerns you have with your eye doctor before your LASIK surgery.

1. Does LASIK hurt?

Most patients say they feel little discomfort during the procedure. We use numbing drops to ensure that you don’t feel any pain. You may feel a slight pressure as the laser makes the necessary corrections.

2. What happens during the LASIK surgery?

During the procedure, the doctor creates a thin flap on your cornea. Then, the laser reshapes the cornea to match your prescription. The doctor replaces the flap to allow it to heal. There are no stitches required for this procedure.

3. What is the age range for LASIK eye surgery?

There are no strict age limits when it comes to receiving LASIK surgery. In general, the FDA has approved the procedure for anyone over 18 who meets the eligibility requirements. During your consultation, your doctor will perform various tests to determine whether you could benefit from LASIK surgery. Age-related eye health factors that may affect this decision include macular degeneration and other chronic conditions. However, we have several alternatives that may still work for you.

4. What health conditions rule out LASIK?

Certain eye injuries, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and other conditions may make you a poor candidate for LASIK. Your surgeon can explain why specific health conditions could mean LASIK may not be the best choice for you.

5. How long do LASIK results last?

After your eyes heal, your vision correction is permanent. However, since your eyes continuously change, you may need to undergo LASIK or wear glasses to correct your vision in the future.

6. Should I continue to take my prescription before the procedure?

During your consultation, tell your doctor about any medications that you take regularly. The doctor may ask you to stop taking the medication before the procedure or instruct you to continue taking it.

7. What’s the recovery process like?

After the LASIK procedure, you can see well enough to perform everyday activities within a few days. When you stop using the eye shield, you may have blurry vision until your eyes adjust. During the recovery process, you will have regular appointments with our eye care specialists in Mesa and Chandler to ensure that your eyes heal properly.

8. If I am not a good candidate for LASIK, are there other procedures to consider?

If your eye doctor determines that you are not a good fit for LASIK surgery, there are other procedures that may work for you. We can also see if non-surgical solutions could reduce your dependence on eyeglasses and contacts.

9. Is LASIK surgery worth the expense?

You can use Swagel Wootton Eye Institute’s LASIK calculator to determine if the expense of LASIK is worth it for you.

10. How can I research my eligibility for LASIK?

Answer the questions in our LASIK self-test to determine if LASIK surgery can improve your vision and quality of life.