You can then bring these check-in papers to your appointment to help lower your wait time.


Login To Patient Portal

Each year brings new regulations that must be met in order to bill insurance for your care.

One guideline that must be met in 2016 is the establishment of a “Patient Portal”. This portal will provide you 24-hour access to your personal health information. A secure username and password allows you to view your health information from your most recent clinic visit.

Part of the requirement with this new regulation is that you MUST use the Portal and send us a message back through the Portal.

·        On the bottom of your receipt is the log in information for our Portal and your “Temporary Key”. If you do not have a Temporary Key, please call our office and ask to have one generated

·        Enter the web address of:

·        Follow the instructions on each screen to complete the log in process

If you have forgotten your password or cannot find it, click on the “Forgot password?” button and follow the directions on the screen.


Most importantly, we now need you to send us a message once you have logged in!!

·        Click on the “Messages & Clinical Data” folder.

·        On the next screen write us a quick message.

·        It can be a simple “OK”, “Got it”, “Thank you”, and click “Send Message”.

Patient Portal Step by Step Instructions:

·        Enter the web address of:

·        In the box “Please Select – I am” choose option: “First Time Patient Portal Access”

·        Click “Continue”

·        On the next screen, fill in your appropriate patient information, including your “Temporary Key” which is printed on the bottom of your receipt. If you do not have a Temporary Key, please call our office and ask to have one generated for you.

·        Click “Continue”

·        On the next screen, create your own “User ID” and “Password”

·        Select 3 security questions and type in your answer to each question.

·        Select a “Preferred Image” from the pictures provided.

·        Click “Save and Continue”

·        When a box pops up that states: “ says: username and password created successfully.” Click “OK” and you will automatically be directed to the login screen.

·        On the next screen, enter the “Username” and “Password” that you just created.

·        Click the box “I’m not a robot”

·        Click “Continue”

Thank you for helping us meet requirements necessary to continue to take insurance.

More importantly, thank you for trusting us with your eyes!