6 Signs It’s Time for an Eye Exam

Everyone can benefit from regular eye exams, but if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you’re better off scheduling a checkup sooner than later. If you’re having trouble reading this blog post, it’s probably time to get an eye exam. But even if this text looks crystal-clear to you, you should consider making an appointment… Read More

Lasik for Astigmatism: It’s Possible.

You may have heard that people with astigmatism don’t qualify for LASIK. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In previous years, many people interested in LASIK were turned away because the procedure could not fix astigmatism. Unfortunately, those people may still be under the impression that LASIK cannot provide a lasting solution. However, LASIK… Read More

The Seven Signs of Cataracts in Older Adults

Cataracts can sneak up on even the most vigilant patients. These seven signs may indicate that it’s time to see your eye doctor. Cataracts, which can affect either one or both eyes, are the result of yellowing and thickening of the natural lens in the eye and are among the most common cause of impaired… Read More

What Patients with Diabetes Need to Know about Contact Lenses

People with diabetes can enjoy all the convenience and benefits of contact lenses, but they may need to take extra precautions. Eyeglasses help us see better, but they can also be expensive, fragile, and easy to lose. That’s why many people find that contact lenses are a better fit for their lifestyles. Unfortunately, doctors often… Read More

Can People with Diabetes Get LASIK Surgery?

The risk of LASIK complications is increased for people with diabetes, but that doesn’t mean they have to rule out the surgery entirely. LASIK is a proven solution for a wide range of vision ailments, but, when the procedure was first developed many years ago, doctors were hesitant to use it to treat patients with… Read More

Do Your Contact Lenses Dry and Irritate Your Eyes? LASIK Can Relieve Your Symptoms.

Not only can LASIK improve your vision, it can also free you of irritants your contacts might be responsible for. Do you find that just going about your daily life becomes far less comfortable when your contacts are in? You’re not alone — many people find that wearing contacts makes their eyes feel red, dry,… Read More

You Don’t Have to Suffer from Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration can cause serious vision loss, but there are ways to prevent or reduce its effects. From presbyopia to cataracts to glaucoma, a lot can happen to our eyes as we age. One way of getting older can affect your eyes is through macular degeneration, a condition that causes a loss in the… Read More

What is Uveitis? Here’s What Patients Should Know.

Seeing floaters and experiencing eye pain are both signs of a disease called uveitis. Here’s how to recognize the symptoms and find the right treatment. If your eyes are red and swollen, you might have uveitis, which is the term for a group of inflammatory diseases that affects an inside layer of the eyes. Though… Read More

Find Relief from Contact Lens Allergies with LASIK Surgery

Do your contacts cause red or itchy eyes? LASIK surgery can permanently correct your vision so that you no longer need to worry about blurry, uncomfortable lenses. Most people are familiar with pollen or animal allergies, but did you know you can be allergic to your own contact lenses? An inflammatory reaction called giant papillary… Read More

Considering Eyelid Rejuvenation? Here’s What You Should Know.

If heavy, drooping eyelids are negatively affecting your appearance or making it hard to see, eyelid rejuvenation can help. Our eyes do a lot of work over the course of our lives, and over time, that work begins to show. The natural process of aging and other factors like smoking and sun exposure can cause… Read More