screen glare

How Screen Glare Affects Your Eyesight

Blue light from digital devices can be permanently harmful to your eyes. Learn how best to protect your vision.  

Types of Conjunctivitis

The Three Main Types of Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, or “pink eye,” is a very common eye condition that often affects children. Learn more about the different types and how to treat them.

Prevent Keratoconus

Can You Prevent Keratoconus?

Scientists are still searching for a cause of keratoconus, a progressive eye disorder that diminishes eyesight. Fortunately, there are a few treatment options patients can consider to help keep their eyesight intact.

can contacts damage your eyes

Can Contact Lenses Damage Your Eyes?

To avoid eye damage, it’s important to properly care for your contact lenses at all times.

visit the eye doctor

How Often Should You Visit the Eye Doctor?

Eye care is an important facet of your overall health and wellbeing. Be sure to schedule an exam at least once a year. 

LASIK side effects

LASIK Side Effects: What to Expect

For patients interested in LASIK surgery, it’s important to know about the possible side effects so you can prepare for a safe recovery process. 

art of blinking

The Art of Blinking

Believe it or not, by becoming more conscious of how often you blink, you can identify issues with eye health and help prevent dry eyes.

What Is a Pterygium and How Is It Treated?

Also known as “surfer’s eye,” a pterygium is an abnormal growth on the eye that can affect anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Now that summer is in full swing, people are heading to the beach to dip into refreshing ocean waters and bask in the sunlight. Enjoyable as they may be, these… Read More

Corneal Abrasion Symptoms and How to Treat Them

 As long as they are diagnosed and treated promptly, corneal abrasions typically heal quickly and cause little long-term damage. The cornea is the clear, domed surface of the eye that helps focus light. A corneal abrasion refers to a scratch or scrape on the cornea, which can easily blur your vision and typically requires medical… Read More

Does LASIK Eye Surgery Hurt?

Worried LASIK eye surgery will be painful? Don’t be. Are you thinking about having LASIK vision correction surgery, but hesitating due to fear that the procedure will be complicated and painful? While it’s natural to be a bit hesitant about undergoing any operation, you can rest assured that LASIK surgery does not hurt. With more… Read More