The Benefits of Cataract Surgery

Cataracts directly impact your ability to accomplish many daily activities, from driving at night and watching television to enjoying a long walk on the beach or a good book. While there’s no way to reverse cataracts once they have formed, computer-assisted lasers and other technological advances have made cataract surgery more effective, less invasive, and safer than ever before.

That said, some individuals opt to temporarily forego cataract surgery because their symptoms are not impairing their overall quality of life. If you choose this option, your eye care specialist will recommend regular check-ins and a stronger eyeglass or contact lens prescription. These precautionary steps will ensure you are able to see with the utmost clarity for as long as you delay surgical intervention.

However, a majority of people want their cataracts removed as quickly as possible so they can resume their favorite activities and once again accomplish daily tasks with ease. In most cases, this can only be achieved through cataract surgery.

Check out the video below to hear what real patients have to say about their lives after cataract surgery:

Ultimately, only you and your eye care specialist can decide whether it’s the right time for you to pursue cataract surgery. At Swagel Wootton Eye Institute, our team of eye care experts will work with you to understand your vision goals — and the best way to attain them. We know that no two patients are alike, and through our customized treatment plans, we’re committed to helping you improve your vision so you can get back to enjoying the life you love.

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