Making Cataract Surgery Affordable

There is no standard cost for cataract surgery. And while most private insurance and Medicare plans will cover the procedure once a patient has met their deductible and provided the proper copayments, this is not always the case. The exact cost of your cataract surgery will vary based on a range of factors, including:

Timing: When you choose to undergo cataract surgery can directly affect the extent to which your insurer will provide coverage. For example, some patients choose to undergo cataract surgery before their cataracts have fully developed. Certain insurance providers will only cover the cost of the procedure once a patient’s cataracts have begun interfering with their ability to perform daily tasks.

Type of Lens: Which intraocular lens (IOL) you choose also influences the cost of cataract surgery. Many insurers will fully cover monofocal replacement lenses (the most common type of IOL), but not premium lenses (those that correct astigmatism or improve vision at multiple distances). These insurers define the latter IOLs as “lifestyle lenses” because they provide additional benefits beyond those deemed medically necessary.

Technique: Many advanced, computer-assisted surgical techniques aren’t covered by insurance providers. While these innovative methods facilitate a more rapid recovery, they cost more than their traditional counterparts, which rely on blades instead of lasers. It’s important to work with your eye care specialist to determine which technique is right for your circumstances.

During your consultation at Swagel Wootton Eye Institute, our team of eye care experts will review the treatment options at your disposal, help you decipher your healthcare coverage, and evaluate all possible payment options.

We offer a number of patient-friendly payment plans, including zero percent financing for up to two years with no money down and low monthly payments (subject to credit approval). Our goal is to work within your budget and find an affordable way to put you on the path to clear, cataract-free vision.

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