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Everything You Need to Know about Today’s Most Advanced LASIK Lasers

Vision correction lasers have only become more advanced in recent years. Here’s how they can help you enjoy lifelong improvements to your vision. As the acronym suggests, LASIK surgery is performed with specialized lasers that modify the eye. During the procedure, a surgeon uses these lasers to carefully reshape the cornea, correcting common vision problems… Read More

Meet SMILE Laser Eye Surgery — a New Alternative to LASIK

LASIK isn’t the only form of laser eye surgery available. The recently approved SMILE is a new procedure that provides similar results for patients suffering from nearsightedness. Since receiving FDA approval in 1992, LASIK has provided millions of patients with dramatic improvements to their vision, becoming the world’s most popular form of laser eye surgery… Read More

Looking for Relief from Dry Eyes? You Might Have Dry Eye Syndrome.

Millions of American suffer from chronic dry eyes. Fortunately, many different treatment options exist for this common condition. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that nearly five million Americans over the age of 50 suffer from dry eyes. As the name suggests, this common chronic condition results in moderate to severe dryness in the eyes,… Read More

Bladeless vs. Blade LASIK — Which Option Is Best?

Bladeless LASIK isn’t necessarily better than its blade counterpart — the course of treatment for you depends on your unique condition and personal preferences. Those unfamiliar with LASIK might be surprised to discover that there isn’t one single type of LASIK surgery. While it’s historically been performed with a bladed instrument, LASIK can also be… Read More